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Posts that deals with my personal life.

Let us all remember the time of the year we all look forward to. Until it gets close, of course, then we just hope it all just ends fast. Here’s to the holidays, may they make it a once-in-two-years event!

It was an abject failure as my impulse purchase of a home dye kit turned my hair from dark brown to slightly less dark brown with a tinge of golden brown if I stand under a light source. I wanted to go all the way and dye it auburn instead. Yes, folks. Fucking auburn was the extreme, not blue or bubblegum pink. Dark golden brown was the compromise. I’m living it, man, I’m living it.

I first dyed my hair after secondary school because I’m finally free from the oppressive school rules that prohibiting it. My act of defiance waited at least one week after my examinations were over, and involved deep negotiation with my parents.

My acts of more spontaneous (and real) defiance was coming home with a pierced ear (barely out of the mainstream while indicating my sexual preference – for the win!) and shaving off my hair (my mother threatened to disown me if I attempt that again). I wanted to repierce my ears and shave my head bald, but I live just a bit too close to my mother (350 km).

Such is my life. Living near the edge. A few kilometres from it. Behind a fence. Just in case.

Perhaps the single best decision I made was to book a return ticket to Melbourne, Australia for one and a half months in southern hemisphere winter. While prior to this, I wanted to see as much as Victoria and New South Wales I could possibly fit in to the schedule, now I just want to junk all that. I’ll probably spend a few days in Melbourne, a weekend each in Sydney and Hobart, and spend the rest of my time on a randomly chosen, small, semi-rural Victorian town (somewhere touristy like Yarra Valley is fine by me).

The last time I did absolutely nothing for more than a couple of weeks was right after STPM in 2006. Every year since, I’ve spend my holidays either in some form of “enriching activity” (summer class, debate competitions, short film projects, internships). I feel lost, unsure what I want to do with my life. I feel tired, from jumping from one thing to another.

A lot of the stuff I did were great stuff, stuff I would do if I had to redo it all again. But now that I’m so close to embarking on the rest of my life, probably what I need now isn’t another thing to add to my résumé. Just a couple of months, alone, doing nothing in particular, enjoying myself and trying to figure out how to enjoy the rest of my life. Its hard not to do stuff when you’re in a big, happening city, or when you’re among friends.

The only time I spent time doing nothing in the past three to four years alone was my two-day trip to Kerala. I wished the trip was so much longer. Self-enforced solitude is what I need right now. Probably the last chance for me to do so for the rest of my life. (And hey, if I get viciously bored, I could take a bus back to Melbourne).

I can’t hardly wait for June/July ’10.

P.S. I’m heavily considering blowing some serious moolah extending my trip to Australia a little longer. One and a half months seems awfully short now.

Question found on a job application: You have a younger sister who accuses you of being bossy. She’s just emailed you to say that she’s about to accept a job 5,000 miles from home with an independent film producer she met yesterday in a bar. What do you email back?
Please limit your answer to 250 words

First draft: Oh, fuck, you’re finally leaving.

Second draft: Oh, fuck, you’re finally leaving.

Current draft: I don’t really want to see you in porn; please tell me the titles and websites to avoid.

Question found on job application: How much does it matter, if at all, that texting and twittering treat spelling convention with little respect?
Please limit your answer to 250 words

First, and current draft: LOL. Ur serious? WTF? Who cares about spellings? w00t

I never felt so happy coming back to Singapore. Like it was coming back home. I was grinning all the way since disembarking from the plane. Like, “Hahaha, India, I’m no longer at your mercies”. A stock take:

  • One mobile phone stolen from my room (along with assorted of other stuff like bars of chocolate that I forget to lock in my cupboard).
  • One digital camera stolen (along with all my pictures of Kerala), possibly at the airport.
  • Retrenchment from an internship (lets fly you in from Singapore and fire you two months prematurely!)
  • My PG (hostel) that claims to reassure me that they will find a replacement for my room, only to find out they have housed all their new tenants in their other vacant rooms so they can keep my deposit.
  • On the other hand, I’m glad I decided to stick around in India. I had so much fun in Hyderabad, Kodaikanal and Cochin. Going to India for an internship was a big mistake. I should have gone there to travel instead.

    I know this is unhealthy on so many levels, but ignore me (or better yet, enable me – make eating plans with me now!)

    18 July 2008
    6am: Should (cross fingers) land in Singapore
    Breakfast: Rochor tau huay (tau fu far or beancurd) with tau sar pancake, and considering I probably won’t eat for days before hand, maybe nasi lemak with ikan kering. Oh, I’m drooling badly.
    Lunch: Bak chor mee mai ter kuah (mince meat noodles without liver) in Sim Lim Square food court.
    Dinner: Something introduced, viciously and cruelly, by Joe and Manora before I left Singapore: Crystal Jade’s la mian with spring onion oil. Enabler: Cheong En-Min.
    Alternative: Aroy-Dee at Bencoolen Kopitiam (tranny kopitiam)
    11pm: Flight to Subang

    19 July 2009
    12am: Arrive in Subang (cross fingers)
    Supper: Ramly burger – double daging cheese from the SS14 stand in front of Mamak bistro, washed down with a nice Milo ais. I’m fond of this stand because the guy 1) knows my name, 2) knows where I study (something my parents took longer to remember), 3) knows what I study and 4) always fails to remember that I’m viciously bonded to work in Singapore for the rest of my life (or three years).
    Breakfast: Chee cheong fun (from no one particularly spectacular – I’d like to go to Petaling St but I figure I’d be too exhausted, so the one that SS14 Subang Jaya should do) and peanut apam.
    Lunch: Post-church, up to the parents — but if they even suggest anything Indian (mamak doesn’t count), I would start sobbing and shouting, “You hate me, don’t you?”
    Dinner: I’m insisting on a seafood dinner, preferably in Pulau Ketam/Carey Island/somewhere around Port Klang. I would throw an hysteric fit similar to lunch time of my family don’t accede.

    20 July 2009
    Breakfast: Unlikely
    Lunch: Chicken and char siew rice, again from the SS14 shop – but this ain’t out of laziness, folks. Other than the chicken rice/roast meats at Holland Drive Market, this is my favourite.
    Dinner: KL-style Hokkien mee from Paramount Garden.
    Supper: Mamak session. Any enablers? Come on…

    21 July 2009
    Breakfast: Unlikely, but if I succeed, nostalgic trip to Petaling Street shall commence with chee cheong fun.
    Lunch: Meng Kee char siew near Jalan Alor/whateverthatroadiscallednow OR beef ball mee from this coffee shop whose name I don’t know on a road I never bothered to learn (but it’s good okay)
    Dinner: I’m at this point ready for something homemade… Rakesh, how about a small family barbeque?

    22 July 2009
    Early, early morning breakfast: Roti kaya with Neslo Ais
    7pm: Flight from Subang to Singapore
    And then the rest the week would be spent at the SMU Hostel residential senior retreat in Sentosa, where the food is undoubtably better than what I usually eat here, but sadly, blergh.

    24 July 2009
    Tentatively, should land in Penang… hee hee hee. Come on Fern Yit, Leann (and whoever else is interested). It would be fun/waistline-expanding!

    The name “Seth” is my second-choice (I wanted Zackary/Zachary/Zachariah/et al for the longest time, but then I met Zak Lim, so that would make it awkward), but I think it’s a pretty nifty name. It means “placed/appointed” and he’s the third son of Adam and Eve – I’m the third son too. Another top contender is “Zedekiah” (the Lord my justice), simply because I would have the coolest nick ever – Zed. Compared to nicks ranging to Raj to janjan.

    What do you guys think?

    P.S. If I tagged you in Facebook, it means that your opinion is most valued. Otherwise, you may still comment, and I shall take it into consideration.

    P.P.S. When my best friends can’t pronounce “Rajan”–which is pretty incredulous to me–I sort of have to give in to the whole Christian name bit.

    P.P.P.S. Would using Zachariah when I know someone with a similar name be entirely wrong? I mean, it’s my top choice. It means “God has remembered” – though while it was pretty apt some five years ago, its not as much these days.

    P.P.P.P.S This is sort of inspired by the fact that I would be living in some place completely different for prolong periods of time for the first time in three years, making the name transition bit easier. So I kinda want to make my mind up now. Plus, I don’t want people to confuse me for Indian and therefore draw me into awkward Hindi or Kannada conversations.

  • Stop checking repeatedly to see if internship offer in Bangalore, India was a cruel, cruel prank.
  • Start packing. (Start finding a place to move all these assorted pieces of clutter to. *hints* friends *hints*)
  • Start finding a place to stay in a city I couldn’t even locate on a map a few days ago (I always thought Karnataka was on the Bay of Bengal. Stop laughing).
  • Call Matthew to get him to suspend his/mine phone line.
  • Find out what visa to get and how to get it.
  • Stop assuming the visa process was as painless as the Singapore one (which didn’t involve any visit to any High Commission/embassy).
  • Check again if I got the offer and this isn’t a cruel, cruel prank.
  • Love, love, love Penang. If I ever move back to Malaysia, Penang would be a top consideration. There is a certain vibe, a feel, a certain je ne sais quoi.
  • I had a lot of fun at MTT’s Akademi Merdeka; will write about it later.
  • But I didn’t buy a return Penang-Singapore ticket, which is pretty stupid on my part considering Sunday’s the end of a long weekend. However, a big shoutout and eternal gratefulness for Wan Fadzrul Wan Jan, Adam Ismail, and Noor Amin bin Ahmad for sending me to Pudu, KL from Penang.
  • My hatred for the new Johore CIQ building on the Malaysian end of the Causeway has been superceded by new found hatred of the Woodlands side. Honestly. Swine flu checks? Is that necessary? Is it worth delaying everyone by an hour?
  • Speaking of swine flu, this was found in my mailbox:
  • SMU’s Crisis Management Group (CMG) has activated SMU Visitor Screening with effect from Monday, 4 May 2009.

    All visitors are required to fill up visitor travel declaration forms and have their temperature taken before allowing entry into the Schools and Administration Building. The visitors are required to display the coloured sticker upon clearing the temperature screening. Each building will have a single Visitor Screening entry point for the visitors.

    Worse, worse:

    As such, SMU requires strigent temperature screening process to be implemented immediately, hostel is no exception.

    Therefore, for the sake of your own health as well as that of your friends’,

    From tommorrow, i.e. May 3rd Sunday onwards (inclusive), each and every of the resident has to take temperature at the security office and record it, once a day.

    All you have to do is to go to the security office when you go out or come back, take your temperature (theorometer is in place) and record it (record forms have been printed out for everyone, with a template attached to this mail). Worry not, the entire process will take no more than 1 minute to complete.

    Why? Because of two confirm case, one each in South Korea and Hong Kong. Sigh.

    So I’m in DAP’s bastion, using Penang Free Wifi at KOMTAR. Some points of note:

  • Penang’s awfully small. On the map, Sungai Nibong, the bridge, and Georgetown seems like hours apart, not minutes apart
  • Penang’s bus service seems far more efficient/frequent than KL’s – at least on a public holiday (which reminds me, Happy Labour Day!)
  • Penang uses double yellow lines on road boundaries – like Johore. I’m not sure if Penang is like Singapore – where double yellow means no parking ever (not like drivers here adhere to that) and single yellow means parking only allowed between 7pm and 7am.
  • Had breakfast at Campbell Street Mall. Nice. Food not too shabby (oh, who am I kidding… but I remind you, I came from Singapore, so even pieces of turd taste good).
  • Speaking of which, Hokkien mee here doesn’t refer to oh-so-heavenly black KL Hokkien mee or weird Singapore Hokkien mee (a cross between hor fun and Hokkien mee) – it seems to refer to prawn mee.
  • Penang Hokkien sounds funny, btw.
  • I’m heading after lunch to the Akademi Merdeka 2009. Hope my Malay doesn’t fail me, I won’t snore too loud or these people find out I’m a fake, statist-at-heart libertarian.