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In Lost City Raiders, a bad TV movie (not even deserving a Wikipedia page) set in a dystopic 2048 in New Rome (with sea levels 15m higher, only 10% of remaining landmass is above it – bye Mauritius?). It started off with setting the stage – global warming wrecked havoc in the world. Past the tipping point, the horrible climate just cause a bunch of earth quakes that warmed the world further. Even though the climate have no (or at best, negligible) impact on earthquakes, volcanos and all things geological – its save to say New Rome will be ravaged by frequent earthquakes with or without the extra carbon dioxide.

Alas, at least it set the stage for a plot that I hope has nothing to do with climate change-laced moralism. Day After Tomorrow was just… bad. There’s suspension of disbelief and suspension of mental capacity. The bad thing about global warming being portrayed this way by fiction, popular or not, is – at least for me – it undermines climate change advocacy. It is sort of using a slasher-thriller to educate the population about the dangers of jaywalking. The very least, the Day After Tomorrow disassuages climate change from general warming – global average temparatures may go up, but it also makes things like subtropical blizzards very much so possible.

Nevertheless, the plotlines of films such as Waterworld remains implausible.

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