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Heh, saw this on Twitter:

WE NEED HELP! we got news Egyptian gov is building a WALL blocking all trafic to and fro Gaza! PLEASE LOOK UP ON THIS AND BLOG/TWEET!

The barrier between Gaza and Sinai has always been there since the Sinai handover, dividing the city of Rafah. What’s funny is that those opposed to a similar wall by Israel find it shocking that their Arab brothers will consider doing the same. If the western banks of the River Jordan is handed over to the Palestinians (presently, it is an Israeli-controlled buffer zone), I’m sure Jordan will build some barrier.

Until, of course, the Palestinians pacify themselves.

The biggest mistake made was striking a deal with the PLO (the Oslo Accords), allowing them backed to the West Bank and Gaza – instead of granting self-governance and eventual independence directly to those residing there. Years of Fatah-led incompetence and corruption, as well as a dose of malice, caused the situation to escalate to this. It’s a bit like London giving IRA control over Catholic-majority areas of Northern Ireland: it simply isn’t a good idea.

P.S. Not to say that the Palestinians were the only belligerents of the Oslo Accords – Israel resumed building settlements sometime before the Al-Aksa Intifada, in contravention of the Accords. It takes two to tango.


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