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Don’t even try correcting the title.

So I’ve taken to learning French. I’ve even bought the Old Testament in French (I always found the l’Anciene Testament more interesting). Just that I never realise how hard it is to learn reading French. It’s like learning to read English: there are so much exceptions and rules, it doesn’t make sense to learn them. Reading is my big intermediate goal; I want to read Alexandre Dumas works in the original language.

I wish I went for German. German seems easier to pick up for an English speaker – largely because English and German are West Germanic languages, whereas French is a Romance language. Also I want to learn a language where I can legitimately use “ß” in everyday writing.

But alas, I must admit, the main reason why I want to learn French is to study at Sciences Po – and Sciences Po is in France, not Deutschland. And since I want to be in grad school by 30, I have oh, no more than six years to be fluent in la langue française? Completely «do-able». Not. But such is my irrationality.

P.S. Pointing out the high selectivity of Sciences Po is an invitation to be brutally murdered – you’ve been warned.

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