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It was an abject failure as my impulse purchase of a home dye kit turned my hair from dark brown to slightly less dark brown with a tinge of golden brown if I stand under a light source. I wanted to go all the way and dye it auburn instead. Yes, folks. Fucking auburn was the extreme, not blue or bubblegum pink. Dark golden brown was the compromise. I’m living it, man, I’m living it.

I first dyed my hair after secondary school because I’m finally free from the oppressive school rules that prohibiting it. My act of defiance waited at least one week after my examinations were over, and involved deep negotiation with my parents.

My acts of more spontaneous (and real) defiance was coming home with a pierced ear (barely out of the mainstream while indicating my sexual preference – for the win!) and shaving off my hair (my mother threatened to disown me if I attempt that again). I wanted to repierce my ears and shave my head bald, but I live just a bit too close to my mother (350 km).

Such is my life. Living near the edge. A few kilometres from it. Behind a fence. Just in case.


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