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So 8 October was supposed to be the day Malaysia rued the day Discovery aired a commercial about Malaysia with the Balinese pendet dance. That was delayed. Why you ask?

But he did say that one of their wooden boats (sampan) was damaged recently and took some time to repair. “The sampan is fine now,” he said.

A decidedly minor setback. But tomorrow, those living near the Kalimantan-Malaysia border, as well as those with Indonesian maids, see Indonesians on the bus, work in a factory that hires Indonesians, or hire Indonesians at Chow Kit for, erm… back to the Indonesians – fear them. They kill slit your throats for claiming rendang is Malaysian.

Alas, the Indonesian government is repressing the patriotic sons of Indonesia in the Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera). They’re putting out all the stops to this present and serious danger to Malaysia:

“Surely our officers at the borders already know what to do. The officers will take the best steps, which in this case, will be by asking them to go home,” Tamboen said.

But on a more serious note, I think it would be awesome if Bendera actually invades Malaysia. Just think of history books from now on. Malaysia. Invaded by 13 spies and 200 men armed with traditional weapons. And they will rape our women, and our future children will have their blood. And they shall be a proud race that can send fear into the hearts of every nation just by sharpening our bamboo sticks.

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  1. Until then, though… Selamat Tak Kena Ganyang, Rajan.

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