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Chinese national and Singapore PR Zhang Yuanyuan, who moved back to China last year, enraged the Temasek Review. How?

A Chinese national and Singapore Permanent Resident by the name of Zhang Yuanyuan humiliated Singapore publicly on China’s CCTV by flashing her NRIC on the screen and subsequently declared her undivided loyalty to her motherland, China!

How can Singapore ever recover from this?

“I happened to view this clip on Youtube and I got the biggest shock of my life when I reach 1min 05sec of the clip! It proudly displays a PRC woman by the name of Zhang Yuanyuan denouncing her Spore pink IC & return to China to work & participate in PRC’s 60th National Day celebrations. With the opening of the floodgate for the foreigners, I seriously wonder if there’s a small fraction of possibility that I will trust them in times of national crisis.”

WTF, times of national crisis? Again, I reiterate, she’s a Chinese citizen who is no longer living in Singapore.


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