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Perhaps the single best decision I made was to book a return ticket to Melbourne, Australia for one and a half months in southern hemisphere winter. While prior to this, I wanted to see as much as Victoria and New South Wales I could possibly fit in to the schedule, now I just want to junk all that. I’ll probably spend a few days in Melbourne, a weekend each in Sydney and Hobart, and spend the rest of my time on a randomly chosen, small, semi-rural Victorian town (somewhere touristy like Yarra Valley is fine by me).

The last time I did absolutely nothing for more than a couple of weeks was right after STPM in 2006. Every year since, I’ve spend my holidays either in some form of “enriching activity” (summer class, debate competitions, short film projects, internships). I feel lost, unsure what I want to do with my life. I feel tired, from jumping from one thing to another.

A lot of the stuff I did were great stuff, stuff I would do if I had to redo it all again. But now that I’m so close to embarking on the rest of my life, probably what I need now isn’t another thing to add to my résumé. Just a couple of months, alone, doing nothing in particular, enjoying myself and trying to figure out how to enjoy the rest of my life. Its hard not to do stuff when you’re in a big, happening city, or when you’re among friends.

The only time I spent time doing nothing in the past three to four years alone was my two-day trip to Kerala. I wished the trip was so much longer. Self-enforced solitude is what I need right now. Probably the last chance for me to do so for the rest of my life. (And hey, if I get viciously bored, I could take a bus back to Melbourne).

I can’t hardly wait for June/July ’10.

P.S. I’m heavily considering blowing some serious moolah extending my trip to Australia a little longer. One and a half months seems awfully short now.


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