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Former Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin, in a column in UMNO’s mouthpiece, Utusan Malaysia, talks about why Singapore was ejected from the federation (rough English summary here.

I don’t know, with the context of the piece being learning from history… gee, do we have a Chinese-majority state that is ruled by an opposition party fighting for a “Malaysian Malaysia”? Opps, Penang!

Kedudukan istimewa orang Melayu, Agama Islam dan lain-lain soal sensitif yang melanggar prinsip penyelesaian kepada masalah pertikaian kaum yang disemai oleh Kuan Yew sehingga mencetuskan peristiwa 13 Mei telah menjadi perbincangan semula sehingga lembu mencabar orang beragama Hindu dan babi berselimutkan bendera UMNO mencabar orang Melayu.

The special position of Malays and Islam and the other sensitive issues that Lee Kuan Yew disputed then, causing the outbreak of the May 13th incident, have again become the subject of hot debate following incidents involving the dumping of a cow’s head by protesters that challenged the Hindus, and the wrapping of a pig in the Umno flag that challenged the Malays

Firstly, what UMNO flag-clad pig incident he speaks of? I tried Googling it, it must be so sensitive no one is reporting it. Or many Zainuddin himself found a pig and a flag, wrap the pig and then became offended.

Secondly, May 13 happened in 1969. Singapore, and Lee Kuan Yew, have been out of Malaysia for nearly four years. Instead, DAP (of PAP heritage) along with Gerakan won about a third of the federal seats. UMNO not happy, and then suddenly got riot… the perfect reason to suspend Parliament and avoid Kuala Lumpur being ruled by those icky Chinese. Which brings me to this point:

Singapura masih dengan demokrasi Dunia Ketiga walaupun berminda dunia maju tetapi Malaysia masih berminda Dunia Ketiga namun demokrasi dunia termaju.

Singapore sticks to a Third World democracy despite having a developed world mentality, while Malaysia has a Third World mentality but a developed world democracy.

Hello, we are demokrasi dunia termaju (world’s most advance democracy)? *Ahem* *ahem* Perak? Where state assemblymen cannot enter their own state assembly today?

Singapore may not be democratic in any honest definition of that word, but Malaysia’s no bed of roses either. Just that the PAP is a whole lot better at what they do (be it ruling the country or repressing the opposition) than UMNO-BN, which trails behind not for the lack of trying.


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