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Bought tickets last night from AirAsiaX for a little over RM500 (some S$210) to Melbourne – a return ticket. Flying to Melbourne from KL on 19 June 2010, and back on 12 July 2010 (as the duration was negotiated with mother dearest–I wanted 1.5 months, she wanted 1 week, an awkward compromise was sought). For my grad trip, I wanted something Western yet Europe and North America was unquestionably out of the budget.

It could end up not being my grad trip though – I may extend my studies over until December. But I’m all the excitedness – my last, carefree holiday before I start work.

My rough itinerary: 1 week or so in Tasmania (skiing, family). Slightly less than a week stalking Natalie Tran in Sydney. A bit of time in the Yarra Valley or Hunter Valley wondering why the held I would do a winery tour in winter. And a few days in Snowy Mountains, on the way back from Sydney to Melbourne (will drop by Canberra if a certain cousin wants to see me).


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  1. Boh jio! some friend

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