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I decided to eliminate one choice from the litany of choices I have to make in the next couple of days.

Namely, that I won’t be graduating December.

Now, there are three remainding choices (or rather, clump of choices):

1) Spread the course load over two semesters, making it likely that I’ll graduate cum laude but there will not be any long internship that I could convert into a job. This, inadvertedly, will lower my chances of landing a secured job offer next year. However this will increase my admissions standings to any postgraduate option (most universities that offer senior status LLB demand something resembling a cum laude). This option will allow me to go to Germany, perhaps the most concrete thing I have to a trip to Europe.

2) The other option is to take the semester off and try my very best in getting an internship (Friday’s the last personal deadline to make a leave of absence application). I’m pretty optimistic about getting a job. However, this means my last sem will be a tortured one, and also this reduces the chances of getting a cum laude into a slightly far fetched dream. It could possibly result in me landing a secure job offer – but the chance that my internship employer and I don’t click. Even if that happens, it might make my resume stronger. Or it may drag me down a career path I may not be so keen in.

3) The third option is a combination. I take a term off for an internship and I graduate late. It’s the best of both worlds, with two nasty side effects (1. I won’t be going to the same commencement as some of my best friends, 2. The dark, stiffling clouds of SMU hangs over my head slightly longer). One of the things I’m considering is to do another diploma/degree from University of London, on distance learning. I’m quite sure I could do much better in that than in SMU, and this will increase my chances of a good grad school. But this option will delay me by a year (which is bad because 1. I’m old, and 2. I planned to spread out any degree I’m doing over 4-5 years).

Essentially, over the next two days, I need to decide whether or not to eliminate option 2.

But a slight side note on the London external degree – I believe I can do it (unless I get one of those jobs where the hours regularly bleed into the late nights and my weekends are nonexistant). In SMU, I think the main reason why I don’t excel is because you have everything squeezed into 15 weeks. Even if I’m doing economics, I think a London system (study the subjects for a year before they’re examined) may result in me getting better grades. In SMU, I never really have time to study for my exams except the week before the exams. Some people (read: people with impecably nonexistant term-time social lifes and co-curricular activities or immense discipline or some combination of that order) can pull it off, but not me.


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