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Ironic for an immigrant country I’d say, but this takes the cake:

But if these Chinese investments are going to utilise “skilled and unskilled workers from China … to work at companies and factories set up in Malaysia”, it means that they will be largely of the sort that feed on cheap labour.

Way to go: China is not only exporting goods to the world, it’s exporting sweatshops as well.

Just pause and think about it for a second. If you’re the average sweatshop in China (I don’t see anything wrong with most sweatshops), why on earth would you come to Malaysia (a costly move), build a new factory (even more costly than in China) and bring in Chinese labour (which will be more costly than in China – by virtue of flying them over) – to open a sweatshop in Malaysia?

Obviously, any Chinese factory in Malaysia will be higher up the value chain. And no idiotic company, unless compelled to by idiotic laws, will hire entirely foreign labour. So a Chinese company, who otherwise will not invest in Malaysia, comes in and creates some jobs for Malaysians. They deal with other companies, directly or indirectly, which in turn increases employment in the rest of the economy. If we force these investors to hire only or largely Malaysian, these jobs those *shudder* Chinese unskilled are taking up most likely wouldn’t exist.

I’ll personally will prefer to say a big, gigantic, Huan Ying and Selamat Datang to all new Chinese migrant workers to Malaysia.


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