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I never felt so happy coming back to Singapore. Like it was coming back home. I was grinning all the way since disembarking from the plane. Like, “Hahaha, India, I’m no longer at your mercies”. A stock take:

  • One mobile phone stolen from my room (along with assorted of other stuff like bars of chocolate that I forget to lock in my cupboard).
  • One digital camera stolen (along with all my pictures of Kerala), possibly at the airport.
  • Retrenchment from an internship (lets fly you in from Singapore and fire you two months prematurely!)
  • My PG (hostel) that claims to reassure me that they will find a replacement for my room, only to find out they have housed all their new tenants in their other vacant rooms so they can keep my deposit.
  • On the other hand, I’m glad I decided to stick around in India. I had so much fun in Hyderabad, Kodaikanal and Cochin. Going to India for an internship was a big mistake. I should have gone there to travel instead.

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