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I know this is unhealthy on so many levels, but ignore me (or better yet, enable me – make eating plans with me now!)

18 July 2008
6am: Should (cross fingers) land in Singapore
Breakfast: Rochor tau huay (tau fu far or beancurd) with tau sar pancake, and considering I probably won’t eat for days before hand, maybe nasi lemak with ikan kering. Oh, I’m drooling badly.
Lunch: Bak chor mee mai ter kuah (mince meat noodles without liver) in Sim Lim Square food court.
Dinner: Something introduced, viciously and cruelly, by Joe and Manora before I left Singapore: Crystal Jade’s la mian with spring onion oil. Enabler: Cheong En-Min.
Alternative: Aroy-Dee at Bencoolen Kopitiam (tranny kopitiam)
11pm: Flight to Subang

19 July 2009
12am: Arrive in Subang (cross fingers)
Supper: Ramly burger – double daging cheese from the SS14 stand in front of Mamak bistro, washed down with a nice Milo ais. I’m fond of this stand because the guy 1) knows my name, 2) knows where I study (something my parents took longer to remember), 3) knows what I study and 4) always fails to remember that I’m viciously bonded to work in Singapore for the rest of my life (or three years).
Breakfast: Chee cheong fun (from no one particularly spectacular – I’d like to go to Petaling St but I figure I’d be too exhausted, so the one that SS14 Subang Jaya should do) and peanut apam.
Lunch: Post-church, up to the parents — but if they even suggest anything Indian (mamak doesn’t count), I would start sobbing and shouting, “You hate me, don’t you?”
Dinner: I’m insisting on a seafood dinner, preferably in Pulau Ketam/Carey Island/somewhere around Port Klang. I would throw an hysteric fit similar to lunch time of my family don’t accede.

20 July 2009
Breakfast: Unlikely
Lunch: Chicken and char siew rice, again from the SS14 shop – but this ain’t out of laziness, folks. Other than the chicken rice/roast meats at Holland Drive Market, this is my favourite.
Dinner: KL-style Hokkien mee from Paramount Garden.
Supper: Mamak session. Any enablers? Come on…

21 July 2009
Breakfast: Unlikely, but if I succeed, nostalgic trip to Petaling Street shall commence with chee cheong fun.
Lunch: Meng Kee char siew near Jalan Alor/whateverthatroadiscallednow OR beef ball mee from this coffee shop whose name I don’t know on a road I never bothered to learn (but it’s good okay)
Dinner: I’m at this point ready for something homemade… Rakesh, how about a small family barbeque?

22 July 2009
Early, early morning breakfast: Roti kaya with Neslo Ais
7pm: Flight from Subang to Singapore
And then the rest the week would be spent at the SMU Hostel residential senior retreat in Sentosa, where the food is undoubtably better than what I usually eat here, but sadly, blergh.

24 July 2009
Tentatively, should land in Penang… hee hee hee. Come on Fern Yit, Leann (and whoever else is interested). It would be fun/waistline-expanding!


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