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This story highlights what is wrong with STOMP:

She’s a ‘troublemaker’, netizen deritz said on The Straits Times interactive website Stomp.

‘Should sue her for bringing in the virus!’ he added.

She wasn’t sick when she flew back (the reason why she wasn’t pulled out from the thermal scans at Changi), and when symptoms presented itself, she went straight to the doctors.

Of Miss Wee, shadou said on The Straits Times online forum: ‘She shouldn’t have come back to Singapore if she was feeling unwell.

‘Remember the woman who came back from China and spread Sars here? She was the first and it killed many, including her family.

‘Now this student does the same and puts us all at risk, especially those that came into contact with her during the long flight back. Totally ignorant if you ask me.’

Fellow netizen antiwisefc said Miss Wee and her schoolmates should not have travelled to the US since it has the second highest number of confirmed and suspected cases – over 6,000 to date. Ten people in the US have died from the virus.

‘Can’t imagine people here are so dumb…,’ antiwisefc said.

Yes. Smarter people like antiwisefc would cancel a fully-paid for trip to New York and bear a F on their transcripts (and their GPA) even though their school (SMU) said it’s okay.

Notwithstanding now-stupid links with SARS (the mortality rate for SARS was much, much, much higher and symptoms more distinguishable from a common illness), the New Paper took the cake by revealing the name of the poor Patient Zero. It was not necessary and would just lead to the poor girl getting harassed.

Parallels can be drawn with SARS – the poor Patient Zero in that case unwittingly spread the virus, killing several close relatives and friends. And then she kena harassed by the media.

There’s a reason why I bought a copy of the New Paper once and never again – it’s not worth the paper its printed on. And rather than naming and shaming the Patients Zero, we should name and shame Joanna Hor and Geraldine Yeo, the newsroom interns that wrote the atrocious excuse for journalism.

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