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The Malaysian Insider:

Lim said the list could go on and even cited that Kuala Lumpur was now ranked the fourth riskiest location in the world for outsourcing according to the “Black Book of Outsourcing”, with our neighbour Singapore topping this list.

Then again, the Insider isn’t exactly known for its thorough editorial process.

Update: The study Lim Kit Siang cited is this. Looking at the numbers, I don’t see how the numbers are derived. Colombo, capital of a country that went through (and might still continue to go through) the longest civil war in Asia is safer from terrorist and rebel attacks than Delhi, Bombay, Madras and Bangalore. The survey was done in 2008 when the LTTE have yet to be defeated.

As for the idea that Malaysia’s sliding into a failed state situation–underground Ah Long prison systems, collapsing stadiums and the botched demolition of Jaya in Petaling Jaya, plus outsourcing risk is hardly indication of a decline to a failed state.

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