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Zambry: “You are asking about the microphone being switched off when you should go back to the basic issue, the speaker didn’t respect the court ruling,”

Pray tell, which court ruling declared the 3 March assembly sitting illegal, and which court ruling gave a binding (very constitutional) order for the suspension of the Barisan seven to be revoked.

Also, Zambry claims that Barisan Nasional is merely resisting a “tyranny of the minority”. If indeed, Pakatan Rakyat is in the minority, why is Zambry and his godfather Najib so viciously afraid of an election? You may be the de facto mentri besar Zambry, but you aren’t the de jure mentri besar – and you have absolutely no legitimacy. Eventually, you would have to call for elections. I hope you have career plans beyond 2013.

For your petty little desire to be a the leader of Perak against the wishes of your people, you have destroyed federal and state institutions. There is a special place in hell for your kind.

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