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So I’m in DAP’s bastion, using Penang Free Wifi at KOMTAR. Some points of note:

  • Penang’s awfully small. On the map, Sungai Nibong, the bridge, and Georgetown seems like hours apart, not minutes apart
  • Penang’s bus service seems far more efficient/frequent than KL’s – at least on a public holiday (which reminds me, Happy Labour Day!)
  • Penang uses double yellow lines on road boundaries – like Johore. I’m not sure if Penang is like Singapore – where double yellow means no parking ever (not like drivers here adhere to that) and single yellow means parking only allowed between 7pm and 7am.
  • Had breakfast at Campbell Street Mall. Nice. Food not too shabby (oh, who am I kidding… but I remind you, I came from Singapore, so even pieces of turd taste good).
  • Speaking of which, Hokkien mee here doesn’t refer to oh-so-heavenly black KL Hokkien mee or weird Singapore Hokkien mee (a cross between hor fun and Hokkien mee) – it seems to refer to prawn mee.
  • Penang Hokkien sounds funny, btw.
  • I’m heading after lunch to the Akademi Merdeka 2009. Hope my Malay doesn’t fail me, I won’t snore too loud or these people find out I’m a fake, statist-at-heart libertarian.



    1. For or against Randist libertarianism?

    2. I haven’t caught you snoring yet.

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