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1) I never heard of AWARE until the whole saga.

2) Not all Christians, even fundie ones, supported what Thio Su Mein and her coterie did to take over AWARE. Like me. Taking over an organization through subterfuge and conspiracy is hardly Christian. Why should it – does God need devious little minds doing his bidding in Singapore? The work of God won’t backfire so badly like this.

Lets look at the ramifications, shall we? Even if the new exco survives through the EGM, they may have won the battle but they are losing the war. Yes, many Christians support this, but they already are supportive of the message anyway. Then there are Christians like me, who used to respect the Church of Our Saviour. And then there are previously-neutral non-Christians, that start to see Christians in a bad light and discount Christian worldviews (the sort the new AWARE exco wanted to push through). And there are people who are already against this worldview – they have become more incensed against Christians and now see us as public enemy #1.

Am I the only one to see how this is so bloody hell stupid?

3) On the other hand, I don’t get how people are citing the secularism and the separation of religion and Idontreallyknow. AWARE is a private organization. Thio Su Mein could have easily created an Christian-centric women’s organization, and that would be legitimate in terms of religion in the public sphere. And why should it not? Why should civil society organizations be secular? Are churches not part of this civil society anyway? I get why people, Christians and non-Christians alike, would get upset at what’s happening in AWARE – but this isn’t the same as Christians hijacking the state.

Yes, people, especially old-guard AWARE members have every right to be upset. Their organization have been taken from them, who wouldn’t be? But lets not get ahead of ourselves and demand that religion play no role whatsoever in civil society.

P.S. I got people sending me emails to register to be an AWARE member so I can vote in the EGM. I just want to know why people think I’m female and Singaporean (being a Malaysian male, though matter how much I pay, I can’t vote).


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