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So ez-link decided to upgrade their cards this year. The new ez-link cards would not only be used for public transport, but also for car park charges (depending on the car park!) and the toll or ERP (upgrade your IU!).

The old ez-links, completely incompatible with the new ones, will work till end-September on busses and trains. But the old ez-link card is still the only card compatible with a lot of other ez-link uses, including (in my school) printing and photocopying.

And I lost my ez-link card. I could also use a NETS CashCard, the original card for cark parks and ERP. Just that NETS decided to make only CashCards with FlashPay, which is incompatible but interferes with the ez-link card. But this being exams season, and I personally aim to use my school’s printers to clear some rainforest, I don’t have a choice but to buy a CashCard (not owning a car, the CashCard is otherwise useless to me) because the school printers haven’t upgraded to the new ez-link.

Pause – you’re confused no?

Well, essentially, the new ez-link and the new CashCard is supposed to help customers. Like me. By frustrating them out of their wits, apparently, during the transition period.


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