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First off, Yasmin Ahmad’s latest video:

Good, but I thought it dragged on too long. The “I’m not going to blah blah blah” isn’t needed, neither is Jo Kukatas’ lecture to her children about imperfections and all that shit. It could easily be a one minute ad, and the impact would have been even more forceful.

The second video is particularly more depressing and significantly more true:

Except maybe stealing calculators, I don’t see how this is not the reflection of the truth.

Moving on, for all those people who keep mentioning how they saw me in The Star advertising for SMU, firstly, please don’t guilt me. It wasn’t an advertisement. It was shoddy journalism. Secondly, I know, I know, I’m probably contributing to a bunch of other Malaysians making their minds to come to SMU. I don’t think I can live with such guilt.

You know what else? I don’t know what about this term, but whenever I get slightly sick, I imagine/hopeeversodearly it escalates into me being hospitalized, in hopes that I get some sort of deserved break from this nightmare. This nightmare that is set to end on Wednesday, 7pm! WOOOHHHHHH! To future employers, I don’t generally do this and in fact, except for a period of secondary school where I was exceedingly bored of school, I don’t like being sick. But if the work you give me involves VBA programming or long, group papers with people who can’t write, get suspicious when I take a medical leave.

BTW, my sheer hatred for SMU, which I’m sure is toxic and is probably contributing to the worst stomach ache ever, seems to be my driving force lately. Whatever I do, I do it to spite SMU. Wow. My school motivating me. I would have never…

And lastly, Pratima Singh (and Natalie Tran) got me on to the whole “your mom” joke phase, one I thought that died in the early 90’s. Your mom died in the ealy 90’s.


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