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The results from Batang Ai are in (and it seems that this is the only news to TV3 :-P), and Barisan came out with a 32 percent lead (a majority of 1,660). This is much higher than the majority Barisan had the last state elections.

This is interesting – even as Pakatan seem to get stronger by the day on the peninsular, and seems to be making deep inroads in Sabah (the defection of the Sabah Progressive Party being an indicator of this). But Sarawak, despite decades of mismanagement, seem firmly under the thumb of Abdul Taib Mahmoud. Support from the other side of the South China Sea is crucial for Barisan’s continued federal dominance (ironic, considering the scant federal attention both states have received even after March 2008).

In Kedah and Perak, it appears that Pakatan is trumping Barisan, with larger majorities seeming more and more apparent.

Pakatan really needs to focus its attention on Sabah (and not by getting Barisan MPs to cross-over; clearly that strategy failed). The next, most likely, by-election would be Joseph Kurup’s Pensiangan constituency in Sabah and possibly (and hopefully not), Elizabeth Wong’s Bukit Lanjan state assembly seat.

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