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So this term is supposed to be my last term in SMU (I want to do my last proper one on exchange). This term I so happen to take a full course load, and one of those subjects is just killing me (with my health down, that’s quite literal). Its so time consuming, it’s so much more time consuming than anything else I’ve ever done in SMU before. But above and beyond that, I just have no inkling how to finish the project (or any assurance that I can finish the project). I never felt this way, so doomed, certain for failure.

And the worse part of it? 1) the subject is compulsory, 2) the subject have ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE to my courses of study, 3) and the bits about the course that actually value-add? I’ve already known it before the class. If I had to code VBA to force Excel (seemingly so vital for an econs + pol sci student) into a database software for my day job after graduation, and that’s the only job available to me, where even taxi companies and Starbucks rejects me, mark my words: I would kill myself.


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