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So yesterday I was going through the Tuition Grant Bond (which essentially make a S$30,000++ p.a. tuition fee into little over $8000), where I have to work in Singapore for three years. Apparently, other than working through it, if I can’t find a job (a situation not too unlikely given the economic situation):

a) I have to let these people know after 3 months of joblessness (contrary to the rumour that 3 months of rejections is sufficient to get the bond cancelled)
b) and after one year, if you are sans job, the bond gets cancelled.

Yes, you have to wait for one year. In Singapore. And just to be sure:

c) part time work qualifies for work under the bond – every 8 hours is counted as one working day.

So why am I worried? Locals (and PRs) for the next couple of years would be effectively subsidized by the government. So its cheaper for companies to hire them. I don’t know what about me would compel any employer to pay over 20% more for me (note to employers: I’m fun! Former president of debating society! How many locals have that?).

If I knew how unconscionable this contract is, I would have never signed it.


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