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Mohd Khusairi Harun, UMNO chief for Tanjung Malim:

“We are willing to fight till the end against those who commit treachery against the Sultan and the whole royal institution,” he said.

Gee, considering even your revered leader have support Mahathir’s power grab from the Malay rulers in 1993, I can only how high work tensions would be. On the other hand, the “new” Perak chief minister, Zambry, who goes around flaked in security, is apparently popular in Perak.

“It does not matter what people label him – Perak’s Obama or even Perak’s Omamak. The fact is Dr Zambry had performed well almost immediately after his appointment and he was accepted by the majority of the people of Perak,” he added.

I wonder why, then, is Obama/Omamak (along with “revered leader”, Najib) afraid of fresh state elections. Considering he “was accepted by the majority of the people of Perak”. Do these people take themselve seriously? Because if they do, honestly, mental health ought to be a public health priority in Malaysia.


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