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Disgraced Dr Chua Soi Lek wrote on his blog on election promises Pakatan have failed to carry out:

1) Have PR fulfill its election pledges as contained in its manifesto – or it is just empty slogans e.g. free interest loan to government servants, grant to all kindergarten schools, cash aid to family whose children are going to university, land for Chinese schools, reduce land premium as promised in its manifesto.

Depending on the state, yes for all but the first. Most civil servants are under the federal government, loaning and finance facilities are federal jurisdictions.

2) Election for local councilors

Have Pakatan initiated policy changes to enable this to be implemented? Have Pakatan appointed NGOs to be councilors?

They can’t – that’s to Barisan Nasional, the National Council on Local Government needs to agree with this, and the Local Government Act 1976 needs to be repealed. Both are in the federal government’s, and therefore Barisan Nasional’s, hands.

3) Are the local authorities more effective in PR states, e.g. the performance of the local authority?

Have they improved, less corruption and abuse of power, or it is business as usual. Have the towns (city in PR state) been cleaned up? What about garbage disposal problem?

Perhaps. But the National Council of Local Government gives Putrajaya significant clout in this area, and the Local Government Act 1976 standardized the organizational structure of local governments. Pakatan cannot change the institutional flaws that increases the propensity of corruption – only Barisan Nasional-led federal government could.

4) What about the security problem?

At the state level, Menteri Besar or Chief Minister is chairman of the state security and is entitled to call for briefing on state security matters by either the State Chief Police on State Special Branch officers. Have Pakatan MB or CM done this briefing so that the necessary security measures can be undertaken on the request of the state government.

Being briefed is not the same as having the power or ability to effect change. Bukit Aman controls the police, not states.

5) Transportation problem is with the state.

Is there any proposal to overcome the horrendous traffic system in Penang city?

If Pakatan wants to be the viable alternative government, it has to show that it can do its work better than BN. Short term pronouncement to curry favour the voters will not do.

Yet another federal competency. States only control state roads – most of the roads in clogged Penang aren’t state roads. The Rapid Penang and Penang Monorail debacle shows how powerless state governments really are in transportation issue. The ball is in the federal government’s ballpark.


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  1. amateurish retort! yea blame all on BN…all yer explanation is blaming BN for the lack of development by PR…damn lame dude..try harder…

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