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I lost my passport. Which may be an interestingly positive development.

Rajan Rishyakaran
11:25PM (21 Feb)
unless the malaysian govt decides to fuck me over and deny me the right to a passport

King Rusty
11:25PM (21 Feb)
haha they won’t do that

Rajan Rishyakaran
11:25PM (21 Feb)
and then i would be deported to malaysia

King Rusty
11:25PM (21 Feb)
lol wth

Rajan Rishyakaran
11:26PM (21 Feb)
and then i can file a claim in singapore’s court to dismiss the tuition grant* on the count that i do not have travel documents and this is beyond my control and therefore the contract is void
(i did business law)

It’s true!

* The Tuition Grant Bond is a contract that provides foreigners with the tuition grant in exchange with 3 years of servitude to a Singaporean employer.


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