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I just applied for a lowly-paid position at SMU’s Open House, maning the School of Economics booth. I bet I can tell what all you three of my regular readers are thinking: “Oh no! Doesn’t the School of Economics know how you feel about economics?”

To which I say – I intend to encourage people to apply for economics. “You liked economics in A-Levels? You should apply! It’s exactly like it!”

I would just dish out horrible lies, “You don’t really like maths? Well, I mean, there are only two math-intensive courses you need to do… It’s really a lot of theory instead”

And dissuade others from applying for other degrees, “You want to do a qualitative social science degree? Well, hello, economics is the shit man”.

And my straight-faced lies would cover the inherent contradiction of our economics program, “Why yes, our economics program is vigorous enough to go into graduate econs!” and “Well, our economics program is pretty general, so you shouldn’t be afraid. In fact, it’s so general, it isn’t sufficient for most graduate programs” (yes, our economics degree is neither general or specialize – it occupies a hellish point in between).

And if I’m sufficiently hung-over, “We econs student see a lot of models”.

And I will get paid. How often can you do evil while being paid?



  1. omg u suck.

  2. Qiong Hui! Hahaha. If I cannot fight the system, I must perpetuate it.

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