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Perak State Assembly speaker suspended the new exco and Mentri Besar for 12 months and 18 months respectively, on charges of acting unconstitutionaly. This means that the State Assembly does not recognize the new government.

This means if Pakatan Rakyat calls for a vote of no confidence, it would grant legitimacy to the government, and reversing the sort of assumptions that the Priviledges Committee took.

Zambry et al could easily get a court injunction against the suspension though, since a case on the constitutionality of his office is already being heard in court. Injunctions are granted when by time a court remedy is granted, it would be too late – it is perfectly the case for Zambry, who wouldn’t be Mentri Besar for long otherwise. Even if his appointment is constitutional.

Though this isn’t much of a difference – the Speaker already recognized the resignation of the two switchers, and hold those seats vacant. Even when the Election Commission is acting beyond its role. Honestly, a good Sultan would have called for elections by now. Especially one that previously served as a Chief Justice.

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