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1. Not to transfer to Social Science
SMU is weird in the sense its Economics degree is separate from its Social Science degree, and transfers between degrees is hard (even for British universities that have separate degrees for the various social sciences, the switch between is easy).

What I found out two Fridays back is that not only transfering is difficult, it’s expensive. The reason why I wanted to transfer is because I wanted to do a senior thesis, which would increase my chances ever so slightly for graduate school in political science. Considering that to a lot of Singaporean employers, economics seems more desirable than political science, as well that my GPA would remain about the same anyway, I’ve decided to stick to economics.

2. I’m applying for transfer out of SMU
While it seems perverse that while I don’t want to transfer within SMU, I want to transfer out of SMU, it actually makes a smidgen more sense. It is expensive, mind you, and I have no idea how to afford it – I have to pay back the (paltry) financial aid and (more importantly) government subsidies I have used.

But for two years I’ll be happier. And more pragmatically, my past grades will not reflect on my transcript or my final GPA. This, and that I’m no longer beholden to Singapore as my only employment option, I think my life chances would increase dramatically. As GPAs also matter for graduate school, I think I would have a far better shot at getting in to a good program. (As for my optimism in getting high grades, well, I do get high grades in political science subjects, despite the fact SMU has strict grading restrictions the universities I’m applying to don’t have).

Of course, it is far, far, far more unlikely than switching degrees within SMU, and I know my chances is probably less than one in a million, but just taking the chance seems to be making me slightly more happy.


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