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Condolences to YB Roslan Shaharum’s (PAS) family – the MP for Bkt Gantang, Perak died in what seems to be a heart attack (or not.. I’m eyeing Anwar Ibrahim suspiciously on this one). But you can’t help but notice that Pakatan Rakyat is ever so intently focused on the silver lining here.

Former/present/to-be-former/concurrent/I-believe-I-have-included-all-the-views Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin seems to be the prime candidate for the by-election, where it is ever so likely he would be able to increase the previous majority from 1,566 to something much higher. Short of something spectacular occuring before the by-election, like video footage of Nizar (who’s from the Islamist party, PAS) praying in a temple (don’t get any ideas, Najib), Barisan Nasional can expect a deep lashing.

Furthermore, it would be interesting where voters in the state constituency of Mohd Osman’s Changkat Jering, which is located within Bkt Gantang, would go (Osman was one of the defectors). It wouldn’t be pretty for one Mohd Osman, for sure.

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