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In as much as I dreaded 16 September 2008 (the day Anwar promised to take over the federal government, and failed), there is a important key difference between Pakatan Rakyat’s failed bid to takeover the federal government by crossovers, with what Barisan Nasional did in Perak.

Firstly, Anwar Ibrahim, and Pakatan Rakyat, didn’t have the large coffers of resources, and the huge amount of power of the federal government, unlike Barisan Nasional. It is naive to believe that payouts, in terms of favours or even pure bribes, didn’t play a role in the crossovers (even when disregarding sworn statements by Pakatan assemblymen attesting to offers made by Barisan Nasional).

These assemblymen face dimmed political futures in Perak and a dashed reputation – so the payouts had to be huge, Considering that Barisan Nasional has changed very little since March 2008 and Pakatan Rakyat seems to have been working in the four states it ruled, the only reasonable conclusion is that something underhand might have occured.

Secondly, Anwar Ibrahim indicated that he would hold snap elections soon after taking over. It is very likely Pakatan would have won the March 2008 elections to begin with if there weren’t any, *ahem*, irregularities. Having a party that have in the past, and in Perak today, shown disregard for rules and fair play, in charge while during the general elections would dim Pakatan Rakyat’s chances of victory — even if they have the proper, democratic mandate.


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