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Found this — the best analysis of the conflict in the Middle East — in the comments of this story:

[Nathan Loizeaux] Hating Israelis and loving Palestinians are not the same thing. Most Americans, especially those in academic circles, unwittingly confuse the two, and think that decrying Israeli atrocities while ignoring Palestinian atrocities somehow puts them on a high ground. To be fair, pro-Israeli Americans do the same thing, although it’s harder to find good information on Israeli atrocities in most American press. And, to be more fair, most Israeli “atrocities” pale in comparison to things like strapping bombs to a teenage girl and sending her into an Israeli marketplace. But Israel isn’t innocent by any stretch of the imagination – they’ve stood by while people are slaughtered (Sabra and Shatila massacres). They’ve imprisoned many hundreds of Palestinian suspects without trial. And in the end, I don’t think it matters if we (Americans, anyway) support them emotionally or not. The money issue aside, Israel can take care of herself. She beat three Arab nations at war with her in six days, in part because her spies were everywhere. One of them, one Eli Cohen, nearly became Syria’s Minister of Defense.

Think about that – six days, and almost running an arm of government for a hostile nation. That’s absolutely insane. Israel can take care of herself.

Anyway, among those people I talk to concerning themselves with the Middle East, the angriest ones have always chosen a side. They’ll debate all day about whose atrocities are worst, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. The point of being angry at Israel is, in theory, to give the Palestinians a peaceful home of their own. Arab countries instead use the Palestinians as a buffer with which to fight Israel – they’ll gladly let the PLO set up shop in their borders, just so long as they’re shooting at Israel, and they’ll gladly pass the blame on to them when the world complains. And if the angry world needs to hear anything, it is this – unless your anger is directed towards a goal of a peaceful Palestine, all you’re doing is giving yourself the satisfaction of thinking yourself morally upright, but at the expense of the victims you supposedly speak for.

If you side with Palestine, you should be just as angry with Jordan and Syria as you are with Israel. Both those countries hold Palestinian land, land they took the same day that Israel took Gaza. Of those three countries, only Israel has given land back, even if halfheartedly. But no one mentions Jordan or Syria. No one mentions that the rare instance when Palestinians staged a nonviolent protest and refused to go to work in Israel, the only support money coming in to help broke families came from America and France. Not a single Arab country sent a dime. They don’t love the Palestinians. Neither does Hamas, which is why they have no problem placing their governed in harms way while goading the defensive mechanisms of a country comprised of people who have been perpetually persecuted and now find themselves permanently cornered by hostile neighbors. No other government in the world would have gotten away with something that stupid.

No one loves the Palestinians. Everyone hates Israel. It’s kind of sad when you think about it.


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