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Cuepacs, the sad labour union of civil servants, wants to boycott all American and Israeli goods. Which would make life hell for anyone dealing with a bureaucrat. “Sorry, cannot process form… computer with American processor designed partly in Israel, with American operating system designed partly in Israel, and…”.“We have to show our sympathy to the Palestinians, including the civil servants there who are victimised by Israel,” said Omar Osman – I supposed that’s one way to describe Hamas rocket launchers.

In other boycott news, Malaysian Bar Council, in fulfilling their objects as a, uhm, professional association of lawyers, proposed canceling the whole US-Malaysia FTA thingy, because that would just be a suckerpunch to those nasty Americans, no? The bar council also proposed boycotting Jewish products (despite the fact most Jews don’t live in Israel).

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  1. Only shows that the Bar Council is what it is; An association of lawyers, not foreign policy analysts.

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