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For the longest time, I wanted to stay in Bukit Tunku. A nice bungalow there. Since I’m forced to live in this 700 square kilometres, the next best thing (in terms of bragging rights) is living in a landed property. Any landed property. Which, apparently, it cheaper than apartments and condominiums, at least on a per square feet basis (which is good, because I get more space, which being fat and having large clothes, and a pantry containing the equivalent food stock of small African countries, I need).

I have no idea why though, it just seems consistently cheaper. Take this for example. Yeah, the asking price can probably rent you an entire town back home in Malaysia, but we long-suffering Malaysians in Singapore, the things we have to put up with. But compare that with this – more than half the size, yet so much more expensive. (It’s in the same district and the pictures look as fugly so I think it is a valid comparison).

P.S. I really should be doing things more worthwhile than looking at rents. Considering I’m not in the market. And stuff.


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