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Muslim restauranteurs hope to bring the American economy down to its knees as punishment for supporting Israel by boycotting Coca-Cola. No reason was given why Coca-Cola was the only American drink brand singled out. I can just imagine it: “Coke tak da, boycott Amerika punya barang. Nak Pepsi?”

Considering it franchised to a Malaysian company (F&N Coca-Cola Malaysia Bhd), ideally it should work like this: F&N Coca-Cola Malaysia loses revenue, gives less to franchiser in the States, franchiser feels the heat from the loss of vital customers in Malaysia’s Muslim restaurants and pressures the US government to act on Israel, who would then turn around and say, “Yeah, sure. We don’t mind the rockets as long Coca-Cola doesn’t get boycotted. In Malaysia” Honestly, who thinks up this kind of shit?

And in the quest of self-importance, our Foreign Minister announced that the world company is backing Malaysia is bringing about a completely pointless special UN session meeting to pass a non-binding resolution. Considering not one of the past gazillion non-binding resolution have worked against Israel, you would think the Malaysian Foreign Ministry would find better things to do with their time.

Also, a novel idea! OIC should send peacekeepers to Gaza! I mean, OIC is the preferred organization, being neutral and all. [/sarcasm]

And lastly, from our official moonbattery party, the Parti Sosialis Malaysia:

The latest massacre has been carefully planned by the Zionist regime of Israel, attempting to destroy Hamas, the organisation that leads the struggle of the Palestinian people against its oppression. Hamas won the Palestinian election in January 2006. The recent assault is not a response to Hamas’ rocket attacks as Israel claims, but rather a pre-planned ethnic cleansing to purge Arab Palestinians, and overthrow a democratically elected Hamas administration, with backing from imperialist powers like the United States.

For victims of a genocide in the past, the Jews are awfully misinformed in exacting massacres: you don’t warn civilians, silly. You aren’t going to kill that many Arab Palestinians that way! With its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, a well-train army, an envious airforce, it is funny that Israel is so incompetent that the best it can do in so many days is to kill 600 people. I mean, what kind of half-assed ethnic cleansing is that?

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