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Year started in Bangkok – to the monotonous, bass-y tune of “Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year… let me hear you say, Happy New Year, Happy New Year…”

Went downhill from there. Sprain neck at Pattaya, shelved resolution plans to go to the gym. Did so-so academically in the spring term.

Summer was pointless – went to the Asian Universities Debating Championship in.. Kuala Lumpur. Didn’t do too well – was eliminated after octo-finals. Lost a lot of weight after, with regular (many times weekly) gym visits. Lost a bit of weight in the early part of the term too, despite the lack of exercise.

Got screwed over by an employer. Desperately searched for an internship. Did a summer term in Philosophy 101. Loved it. Even though I had to write a paper sans laptop. (But, hai, literature review is so much harder/easier with philosophy compared to political science).

Holidays ended with Tioman, the best vacation (until the last morning where I got a bloodied nose) ever. Came back to new flatmates. Pretty damn good ones compared to the randoms I got last year.

Immediately after Tioman, got a short stint at TiE Singapore, where I grew fat. Went to MSLS (despite being abandoned by John Lee), found new friends and, more importantly, found my group mate for the Public Policy Case Challenge. And heh, met a bunch of ex-schoolmates.

Laptop died towards the end of term, got a new Macbook. Endured the worse term ever with the mountain of work that emerged when said laptop died. Ended up pretty good though – best term ever, grades-wise.

Went for another debate competition, ended up pretty good considering the random adjudicators. Again, it was in KL. Didn’t get selected for the World Universities Debating Championship in Cork, which was pretty devastating. But had, for the first time, a pretty good, touristy-like time in KL. Rest of KL stay was marked by sheer, intense boredom.

Christmas was so-so. New Years Eve was random – finished an internship application, rushed off to church, got sloshed at cousin boyfriend’s place, went back to church for BBQ and games. Sloshed at church – try it! But sadly, I broke the pattern of spending New Years in a new city each year (it was Singapore the year before).


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