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So I was watching al-Jazeera last night (sorry Michael and Leann for inflicting news and current affairs on you!) and they were reporting on the closure of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports – featuring this rather embarrassing case of an American. The poor sod wasn’t even in the country long enough to realize the People’s Alliance for Democracy aims for, well, disenfranchising the rural vote.

To do this, they are crippling Southeast Asia’s transportation hub in a way that would hurt Thailand for years to come. While I hardly see eye-to-eye with Thaksin Sinawatra or mini-Thaksin Somchai Wongsawat, I disagree even more with PAD, which wants to drag in extremely reluctant royals in (as anyone else sane, the royals rather not involve themselves in Thai politics).

I’m not the most fervent supporter of democracy – in developing countries, perhaps some benevolent dictator is needed. The PAD however doesn’t represent the Chiang Kai-sheks, Augusto Pinochets or the Lee Kuan Yews of Thailand. They just want the administration at Government House to continue to coddle Bangkok’s middle class, civil servants and royalists – rural, northern bumpkins be damned.


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