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I got a MacBook with uneven keys, will complain. But the nice aspect was when I switched the Mac on for the first time. A loud chime occurred (expected, I worked with Macs before), but for importantly, a second and a half latter, a nice, HD video welcoming me to OS X Leopard with Welcome in multiple languages.

Youtube doesn’t do it justice. It’s those little touches.

BTW, one day of using Office 2008 and I’m having severe Office 2007 withdrawal effects. It’s not about the locations of things – I think it would take a few days to know where stuff are hidden around Office 2008. Its just that the Ribbon in Office 2007 is so infinitely more convenient than all the Palletes, toolbars and galleries. In Office 2007, when you, for example, select a table, the Ribbon tab on Tables come up, showing the most frequently used functions. Office 2008 doesn’t do that.

It would be interesting to see what would be my main OS after Windows 7 – with system-wide Ribbon and APIs for other software developers to use Ribbon.

Also, I’m using Keynote’s 30 day trial. I may not even buy it. There were two killer features of Keynote: the ability to grid elements of a slide easily (for example, it is easy to centre a textbox – on PowerPoint 2007, you have to eyeball it), and cool animations. PowerPoint 2008 co-opts the first one. And animations… is it worth S$159? I rather spend that money on Parallels and get Office 2007 :-P.



  1. I agree with you about the Ribbon UI in Office 2007. We on the VMware Fusion team are standardized on Office 2007 for Windows, running in XP on VMware Fusion on our MacBook Pros because of the UI, but also because VMware using Sharepoint, and Office 2007 has the best integration with Sharepoint.

    If you determine that you need to run Windows on the Mac, check us out.

  2. C’mon, slides are so overrated, they become a crutch for most people. Nobody *needs* kickass slides, they need a a kickass presentation. Never. Pay. For. Slides.

  3. Fluff is king.

    (Its not about flashy presentations. Its about the ease about making slides.)

  4. (And the comment about PowerPoint applies to Office in general – alignment guidelines rules. Wish Office 2007 have it, because they do everything else much better).

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