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Congrats Barack Obama. While Tina Fey will go back to the sad life of 30 Rock, with no Sarah Palin to impersonate – for me, the next four years would be funny.

Out of a itch, I decided to compute the electoral votes if each state elected electors on a proportional manner – McCain at 243 would be behind Obama at 280. Surely a lot less than the lead he has now in the electoral college. Though if America does adopt such a proportional system, it is unlikely the results would stay the same: third party candidates (who would now get no electors) would do better, as would Republican candidates in deep-blue states (and, to the lesser extend, vice versa. I expect the only place to send a contingent made up of one party will be District of Columbia (which is likely the case if any other city, sans suburbs, in the United States secedes and become a state).

Which may make it more likely for McCain to have won the election. Though, then again, the battle would no longer be focused on swing states, and McCain, with a self-induced financial handicap, would be at the losing end.


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