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The frantic refreshing of and The Star have abated, Anwar, Najib and Abdullah have long been banished from the front pages (and now even made their way into the World section) of Singaporean newspapers, and the only thing I look forward in mid-October is (hopefully, cross fingers) new Macbooks.

To be perfectly honest, I think Anwar Ibrahim is bluffing. Sure, there must be some defections, but perhaps not more than 31. And then again, Abdullah not daring to call on Anwar’s bluff (yeah, he won’t release names, as if the Special Branch detained a MP in the past few days or so… wait a minute).

In related news, I’ve lost most of my youthful confidence and idealism in democracy. People are stupid. Stupid people vote for slightly less, but still overwhelmingly, stupid people. Said stupid people make short-term decisions like bailing out AIG. That, and insidious PAP influence on my thinking. Maybe Malaysians needs a Lee Kuan Yew.


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  1. I’ve written some thoughts on your thoughts! Check my blog.

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