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So I was searching about Bob Barr and the allege time he pressured his second ex-wife into an abortion (Barr is a card-carrying Pro-Life Caucus member), a bunch of Google ads showed up advertising abortion services in Singapore. Nausea set it (I’m very much pro-life), and I clicked on a couple of them advertising the names of the doctors.

So this one Dr Loke Kah Leong’s website, of the Singapore Women’s Clinic, Tampines, has a banner of cute, cuddly babies with wings. Mind you, the only service that that clinic seems to offer that has anything to do with babies is abortion. Maybe a ploy to get pro-life women onboard? “Think your foetus is a person deserving of the right to life? Don’t worry! Look at post-life babies flying around in wings! Don’t you want that for your baby?”

On a related note, the recent debate, which somewhat concluded when the Health Minister of Singapore pushed for status quo, which allows abortion until the 24th week, after which the foetus magically turns into a human being. As per usual anywhere else, pro-choicers completely ignore the pro-life argument that life begins at conception and focus on the woman’s right to choose. It is fine and all if the woman wants to remove a spleen or something, but considering there is a moral debate going on regarding the humanity of foetuses before 24 weeks – closing your ears and shouting, “LALALALALA, CHOICE, CHOICE, CHOICE!” is… well, dishonest.

But I guess in a country where carrying just a little too much weed would mean mandatory hanging, pro-life arguments don’t carry any weight.


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