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One thing confuses me about Singapore is why just about everyone assumes my name is pronounced “Ra-JAN” instead of “Ra-jen”. But beyond that, I find it funny that nowadays I respond to the prior, while previously, I get offended. Probably because thoughout primary and secondary school, it was a thing to do to pronounce my name the bahasa baku way (i.e. “Ra-JAN”) to make fun of the name. Funny that.

More than that, nowadays I’m responding to “Raj”. Honestly, I don’t think a name that is five characters long and two syllabus long needs to be shorten, but I prefer “Jan” to “Raj” because of the tonnes of people I know that is named “Raj” (and the fact that “Raj” will be equally appropriate for two other members of my immediate family).


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  1. On another note, Raj is possibly *the* most popular name in Indian (read Bollywood) cinema. And the name of Shah Rukh Khan in most movies. You should stick to Raj…some of the charm might rub off?

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