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  • Home sick, like never before actually. I have no idea why (okay, a strong idea why, but not going to write it out in public.
  • Been a pretty bad past few weeks. Wage dispute, cheated by bus touts, shit like that.
  • Will be going back to KL on Thursday. Followers (hints: Gideon) welcomed.
  • (Top quote from Love Actually)
    Update: Of course, it could have helped if I weren’t stiff bored this weekend, without the pleasures of the Internet at home or satellite/cable TV. Thanks ah, my Singaporean *cough* friends. 😛


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    1. zomg

      I’ve seen the movie enough times to guess at what might be the source of the homesickness.

      Anyway, remember: I will be there from tomorrow (actually, technically today) until Sunday. Let us meet up, have a good meal or two, and get sloshed.

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