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A few months ago, I compared prices between Mac laptops and comparable PC ones. Pretty much the same price – and then there’s OS X. But now that my laptop is dead, I checked it out again.

Oh. My. God. The difference is stark. For example, if I get a MacBook Pro instead of a Dell XPS, I’m giving up a Blu-Ray drive for a “SuperDrive” (DVD-RW), getting 3GB of RAM for 2GB, 320GB hard disk for a 200GB one, and the list goes on. The only remaining advantage of the Mac is OS X and Multitouch.

Is OS X worth it? (Multitouch sure isn’t)

Having conditioned myself to the idea of buying a Mac for God knows so long, I dread giving that up for a cheaper Windows laptop. Yet on the other hand, if I buy a Mac, I would have this nagging sensation that I bought something overprice. Either way I lose.

Stupid Apple.



  1. That’s what happens when you’re a niche market product.

    No economies of scale.

  2. Nah, no, the problem isn’t that (Apple, after all, is a pretty large manufacturer) – rather, the fact that the Mac lineup gets updated every 6-9 months or so, instead of the far, far more frequent updates by its competitors.

    Notice whenever something new comes out, it is extremely competitive to other manufacturers. Four months or so down the line, they aren’t. And you’re still paying the same price.

    Which is my problem: the only time I’m willing to buy a Mac is when something new is released, only because it makes economics sense at that very point of time. Right now, it doesn’t make any sense. Problem is that, I need a new laptop *now*, and the Mac doesn’t seem to be worth the some S$1000 premium its asking.

    (Plus, don’t throw stones, but I think the XPS looks a tad nicer than the plan MacBook Pro)

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