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Last Sunday, while I was at the Ong’s, I heard about a cyclone in Burma – their father works there, and was wondering if stories appeared on the Straits Times. Well, it did, like four days after. I’m not sure this is indicative of the responsiveness of the press, or more likely, how Burma is shut out of the world.

As Southeast Asia’s poorest (by far) country, you would think that the Burmese government would want to put out news of a natural disaster externally as soon as possible – to get aid. In any case, with 22,500 confirmed deaths (I’m weighing more with the American estimate of 100,000), it doesn’t look good on the junta: this is the same Buddhist junta that is ruled by omens. Asia’s worst (and deathliest) cyclone since 1991 – not exactly the best of omens.



  1. Burma has shut itself off from the world. Like all virulent dictatorships with authoritarian mandates, they do their works in secrecy and pander to those members of the world press that lick totalitarianism’s bloody boots. All this talk of omens is nothing more than a false cover to a dirty historical record they would prefer to keep from the world’s eyes.

    Did you note the first country to lend aid was the much reviled USA? Yes, the same people that are reviled daily in the Burmese press. Hopefully, this storm, with all it’s accompanying tragedy will break the stubborn neck of their tyrannical machine. How sad it is that good people must suffer at the hands of the wicked before judgment, in whatever form, comes to save those who have survived.

  2. The next time an enormously devastating tsunami or cyclone hits that part of the world, people may want to call on China and Russia to lead the rescue effort. What are the chances?

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