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The thing is, I don’t mind at all getting a B (or B+, which is sort of saying, “I think you’re better than average… but not quite there yet”) for a subject which I learned something. But to get it for a subject which I didn’t learn anything–be it, because the subject is crap or the professor is crap or both–burns. Especially when you took said subject to get an A. Burns.

This, therefore, marks the last time I take a subject for the pure purpose of scoring A (the last time I did that, I got a B+ for Finance 101).

Jason Ong and Joseph Wee, I hates you.

Grades thus far:

PSYC001 – Introduction to Psychology: B+ (expecting B-/C+, hoping for A-)
POSC003 – Introduction to Politics and Policy Studies: A (expecting A-, hoping for A+)
MGMT227 – Corporate Creativity: B+ (expecting A-, hoping for A)
MGMT211 – Career Skills – The Finishing Touch: B+ (expecting B+, hoping for A)

Two more grades to go. Meanwhile, I bidded chances of getting out of my degree program (and thus, sanity) goodbye with the B+ in Psychology.


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