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Am I the only one seeing the disconnect here?

KUALA LUMPUR: In a move to crack down on serious crimes in the city, a massive operation targeting illegal immigrants will be launched soon.



  1. Don’t foreigners cause most of the crime? Local people would never dishonor their country by refusing to follow their own government’s rules.

  2. Haha, cneil, do you “dishonor” Singapore and not follow its government’s rules on a regular basis?

    Even statistically, immigrants are less likely to be embroiled with crime. But looking at it logically – consider who are immigrants: generally, people who want to improve their economic well being. Often, they see immigration as temporary, especially for low-wage jobs – most want to save up and return to their families.

    Which means, would they want to risk that with crime? More than the punishment that comes with it, they risk deportation. If any thing, keeping immigration laws as strict as it is in Malaysia, where few can get in legally, only makes it worse. Because of the quotas in Malaysia, which does not match demand at all, there is a huge incentive to migrate illegally: there are more often and not a job.

    Which means something that could be regulated goes to the black market. Keeping criminals out would be hard – the networks of smugglers, which would never be as sophisticated if most people could just move to Malaysia legally, is also employed by criminals.

    And once in Malaysia, they generally don’t want to return – as least that fast – even when unemployed. This is because they paid significantly, both monetarily and financially, to enter the country. Leaving would risk them the chance of ever returning.

    Unemployment during economic slowdowns (i.e. Malaysia now) means we have a swelling number of illegals with little social network, unwilling to go back but little in the way of means to support themselves, turning to crime.

    Essentially, the better long term solution isn’t to crack down on illegal immigrants. Allowing Malaysian companies to freely hire foreigners, without any restrictive (and often, racist quotas – Mainland Chinese aren’t eligible for migration, for example) would drastically cut down on crime by immigrants.

    And the only reason why we aren’t doing this is because 1) some people are squemish about having poor third-worlders streaming into the country (something that would happen anyway, given the porous borders we have, but only in the underground) 2) to preserve Malaysia’s ethnic composition to preserve some racist national policy, is indefensible. What the police is doing? Window dressing – won’t solve the problem.

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