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Perak’s regent what’s-his-name decided that the best man to rule the state would be from PAS, despite the fact DAP won the largest, by far, amount of seats in the state assembly and despite PKR being an ever-ready compromise party for the job if the regent finds the idea of a Chinese MB or menteri besar (first minister) too disgusting.

In Selangor, the sultan also faced a hard time stomaching a non-Malay as MB, but worse, decided to force Khalid to get an exco (cabinet) composed at least half by Malays apparently to represent the state’s ethnic composition (the same sultan didn’t force the outgoing Barisan Nasional state government with such conditions).

And it isn’t just in opposition states. In Perlis, the Raja decided to appointed another MB than the one UMNO forward. More humouressly, in Terengganu, the same scene is being played out, just with the Prime Minister and UMNO’s pick Idris fighting rather futilely. Yes, I do enjoy the Prime Minister and UMNO’s top leadership getting egged, but by an unelected ruler?

Makes you wonder the point of elections if the only way to protect the people’s interest is to have unelected rulers (whose names often aren’t even recognizable by the people they rule) trump parties elected. If the people of Terengganu really don’t like a Penangite picking its MB, they shouldn’t vote in a party with so much party concentrated at the top.


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  1. Well, the case of Perak was unique in that many appear to have felt that no PKR assemblyman was sufficiently experienced to merit appointment as MB. I don’t see why they couldn’t have reached a compromise similar to the one in Selangor, though – party with the most seats gets to be MB, but the exco gets divvied up more equitably to the other parties.

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