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DAP MP and apparent economist Charles Santiago says the election results is a damning injunction on free markets, privatisation and labour restructuring.

”Opposition parties must realise it was free market policies, privatisation and labour market restructuring that resulted in many people opposing the BN.”

Uhm, no. Voters may think the current economic malaise is caused by all that, but it is quite another thing to agree with them. Santiago could have been playing truant in several intro classes back in college:

You had a situation where you had subsidies for the rich and a free market economy for the poor. While you subsidise the rich on one side, the debt of the country is being borne by the middle-classes and the poor.”

Uhm, how is it a “free market” when some are subsidized and others not?



  1. Ahh, finally some real left-wingers in parliament 😀

    Hey, the big privatisation drive under Dr M did result in huge cronyism and corruption man. Instant millionaires. Not unlike Russia atm.

    But Santiago is abit off la. The bigger problem with Malaysia is unequal distribution based on crude racial lines. This has little to do with free-markets or socialist theories.

  2. Sad but not surprising. Santiago spearheaded the dubious anti-privatisation campaign for the water industry. There were probably good reasons to oppose the method of privatisation, but not privatisation itself – Santiago and gang raised ludicrous objections like foreign investors gaining control over water supply and possibly posing a threat to national security (seriously, WTF – we might as well not import rice because the Thais might try to poison us).

    I don’t see what basis he has for criticising the free market, when the two largest opposition parties (especially, ahem, his own) explicitly supported main tenets of a free market system in their manifestos, such as the enforcement of contracts, eradication of price controls, reduction of tariffs, and the opening up markets monopolised by BN cronies.

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